Who am I

portrait karine tête  My name is Karine-Kayitesi Ponting Mundere. As a young adult, I began to explore and personnally experience various types of complementary medicine. I was then searching for a solution to a health issue which could not be resolved with allopathic medicine. Back then, I also started being interested in Chinese painting and calligraphy, in Taoism, and in the study of an ancient Chinese Classic, a book, called the I-Ching (also called Yi-King, Yi-Jing or Book of Change), from which all the principles of Taoism and Confucianism are derived (foundations of Acupuncture and Chinese medicine).

One day my search for a cure met my interest for Chinese art, culture and philosophy: I discovered Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Not only did my health improve greatly with acupuncture and herbal treatments, but my life changed completely, as I started studying to change carreers and become a practitioner of TCM.

I obtained my TCM degree (in acupuncture, moxibustion, dietetics and tui-na) in Lyon , France (Shao Yang Institute), then studied Herbal Medicine (Paris, P. Sionneau, and Lyon, Shao Yang), and completed an intensive training in Shuguang Hospital in Shanghai, China, along with various professional trainings in tui-na, acupunture, dietetics and herbology. I also hold a degree in the Foundations of Western Medicine, which I completed in Shenzhou University in Amsterdam.